Host your own Victorian seance

The Victorian Seance is an immersive and exciting step back in time to the days of Victorian Spiritualism. Experience the paranormal like never before.

The Seance chamber

The Seance chamber

an unforgettable experience

Our experienced seance host will start the evening with some psychic games and experiments to bring your group together and set the right mood before moving on to various traditional methods of spirit communication. After that we turn out the lights and hold hands, uttering the fateful question: "is there anyone there?".

Who knows who, or what, will answer?

a unique evening of entertainment

These evenings are firmly rooted in Victorian Spiritualism, with none of the modern technology you might see on paranormal television shows. You and your guests will have the chance to experience the paranormal up close and personal.

This is a unique chance to experience things that you may not be able to explain. The next time people are discussing the weird, the spooky or the unusual - you will definitely have a story to tell!

A traditional Victorian seance

A traditional Victorian seance


Book now for your own seance evening

The Victorian Seance experience is ideal for groups of around 10-20 people who are looking for something ‘different’. It can be booked for your own venue or we can arrange a venue for you and your guests. It could even take place in your own home.

Contact us now to discuss options for you and your guests.

This evening uses the traditional tools of the Victorian seance to attempt spirit communication for entertainment purposes. This is not a demonstration of mediumship or a way to contact deceased relatives. It is not recommended for pregnant women or the recently bereaved.